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Email Routing Problem


Email Routing Problem

I've searched all over this forum and have seen so many problems similar to the below but none that help answer my question unfortunately.

Can I send email (Outlook 2002) using a non PlusNet address via the outgoing mail server but receive using our IT consultant's incoming mail server. I've entered what i see as the correct settings but when sending an email i get a "can't connect to outgoing email server" error message. Just to add to the confusion, occasionally the odd message does send correctly.

In order to troubleshoot I've entered the plus net incoming mail server details and that seems to make the outgoing mail server work fine. I'm therefore wondering whether PlusNet doesn't permit message routing through another server while connected to their network.

Please help, I'm going insane with this and really can't see the problem.
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Email Routing Problem

I think I understand your situation....

To send email via you must be connected to a plusnet IP address via ADSL/dialup. Access to it is blocked from outside plusnets network and this is common practice for all ISPs and many company mail servers. Adding as your POP server makes no difference to this. Note: you can receive mail from from any IP address.

Are you trying to send email via when connected to your company network. If so, you must always use your companies SMTP server to send email when connected to it.

When connected to a plusnet IP address, you can set your from and return email address to anything you like and send email via

Does that answer your questions?

Email Routing Problem

Thanks for your reply.

It turns out that there was a problem with our SMTP server and therefore Plus Net's outgoing mail server didn't work. That's why when i used Plus Net as the outgoing server it worked fine as this was obviously set up correctly.

Now that our SMTP server is working correctly the server has been 'kicked into life' and all is well.

Again, thanks for your help.

A forum that you actually get a response in, WOW!