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Email Problem in Outlook Express


Email Problem in Outlook Express


My hard disk failed recently and I've had to reinstal Windows 98 SE from scratch. I use a standard dial up connection and I've set up Outlook Express to send and receive email following all the instructions on the PlusNet set-up pages (POP3: SMTP:, with the correct PlusNet username and password... etc), but now I have a problem. I have two identities in Outlook Express, one for me and one for my wife. My wife's identity can send and receive email fine. My identity, however, can send email (eg to my wife) but not receive it. (A message sent to myself and my wife is only received by her.) My identity can receive the generic messages, however, as I've recently had one of those.

I've tried deleting the two identities and the two mail accounts within Outlook Express and starting again, but the same thing happens. I've checked very carefully all the account settings, security etc, but both identities seem to be set up the same. What's even more bizzare is that if I set up a third identity, with a different name, that one works fine too. I consistently have problems with the one that uses my name, but only in receiving, not sending mail.

Any clues to this curious problem? Am I destined to use an alias for the rest of my life?

Yours optimistically,

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Email Problem in Outlook Express

Have you by any chance set up a named mailbox for the identity that doesnt work? If so then you will need to call it by "teobald+name" in order to collect for that named box.

Email Problem in Outlook Express

Thanks John, you were absolutely right.

When I knew that my hard disk was failing I set up a mailbox on PlusNet under my name so that I could still read messages sent to my home email (eg using the computer at work). Trouble was, like a dummy, I completely forgot that I had done this.

Once I pointed my Outlook Express identity to username+name, there all the messages were!

Thanks for your help - I would never had worked it out myself.