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Ekiga (GnomeMeeting) setup


Ekiga (GnomeMeeting) setup


Has anyone been successful in setting up Ekiga (nee Gnomemeeting) on Linux with PlusTalk?

I've just activated Plustalk on my Broadband account and filled in my settings in Ekiga and I get a Registration Failed : Forbidden message.

The details I entered are as follows:-

Registrar :
User : plustalk
Password : (my force9 password)
Authentication Login : plustalk
Realm/domain : (my force9 user)
Outbound Proxy :
STUN server:

I've also tried my SIP id for the user & authentication login fields.

I've opened up all the ports on the router (temporarily) and still get the same message.

Does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong? Is there any delay between activating the PlusTalk and being able to use it?

I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu 6.06.


Ekiga (GnomeMeeting) setup

OK - I've got it working now. For some reason it appears that it didn't like the STUN server.

I've changed the NAT Traversal Method dropdown from "STUN" to "IP Translation" (in Preferences | Network Settings | NAT settings)

All working now... time for bed.