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Ebay Warning


Ebay Warning

I have recieved this from ebay, Clicking on the site is appears to be ebay as it has the logo but I suspect its a con as its asking for credit card numbers and Social Security numbers.

I didnt fill the form in but I am concerned that some users may be fooled by this clever con.

Anyone else had this?

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 18049 invoked from network); 13 Sep 2003 14:43:24 -0000
Received: from (
by with SMTP; 13 Sep 2003 14:43:24 -0000
Received: (qmail 9986 invoked from network); 13 Sep 2003 14:43:07 -0000
Received: from (
by with SMTP; 13 Sep 2003 14:43:06 -0000
From: eBay <>
To: Jan <>
Reply-To: eBay <>
Sender: eBay <>
Subject: 0fficial Notice for all E-Bay users
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/html
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Dear eBay Uder,
During our regular udpate and verification of the accounts, we couldn't verify your current information. Either your information has changed or it is incomplete.
As a result, your access to bid or buy on Ebay has been restricted. To start using your eBay account fully, please update and verify your information by clicking below :

Ebay Warning

First of all, the link included is valid and is part of the official EBay site.

What however is not legitimate is the headers.

Did this include an embeded form at all?

Ebay Warning

There are two scams going on one being ebay and the other Barclays Bank, I have recieved this from the bank but the url is actualy
Moderators note (John) Had to split this line up as it was making the post about 3 screens wide
Barclays have issued a warning to customers as it asks for passwords etc.

I thing these want going on Plus Net main page as a warning!! The Bank one is very clever as it appear to o to there site

Dear Valued Customer,

- Our new security system will help you to avoid
frequently fraud transactions and to keep your
investments in safety.

- Due to technical update we recommend you to
reactivate your account.

Click on the link below to login and begin using
your updated Barclays account.

To log into your account, please visit the NetBank

If you have questions about your online statement,
please send us a Bank Mail or call us at
0846 600 2323 (outside the UK dial +44 247 686 2063).

We appreciate your business. It's truly our
pleasure to serve you.

Barclays Customer Care

This email is for notification only. To contact us,
please log into your account and send a Bank Mail.
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Ebay Warning

I just saw the Barclays thing mentioned on the news on BBC1.

Ebay Warning

i got the ebay one. i thought it was a bit strange cos i dont think they have my email address. i clicked on the link and it appeared legit... didn't do anything on the page tho Tongue

Ebay Warning

Talking of this sort of scam, have you folks had the email which purports to come from Microsoft Support, enclosing the latest emergency fixes for Windows and IE -- "install immediately, fixes all known security weaknesses". The email headers show it to have come from Yahoo! [the well-known parent company of Microsoft]. I reckon I've had that email about three times now.
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Ebay Warning

I got the ebay one to an address I don't use on ebay and have had a few of the MS one.
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Ebay Warning

Well... I haven't had anything like this. :?


Ebay Warning

update from ebay, Barclays have also issued a warning again today about the spoof email being sent to millions

Thank you for contacting eBay about an email you received that appears
as though it is an authentic email from eBay. We will investigate this
situation immediately.

Please be advised that there have been cases where people have attempted
to gain access to an eBay member's personal information by sending
"spoof" emails. Spoof emails intentionally give the false impression
that they have been sent by eBay to solicit people to transmit their
account information. Based on your inquiry to eBay, the email you
received was likely a spoof.

eBay is very concerned about spoof email and is taking prompt action to
address the issue. If you think you may have entered personal
information into a spoof site, please make sure that this data can not
be abused by any third party.

If somebody else but you should know your password, please change it

If you have entered credit card information or other bank details please
contact your bank immediately.

Please report any future instance of "spoof" email using your email
clients forward feature to forward a copy of it to:

We appreciate your efforts in helping keep eBay a safe online

Maxwell York
eBay Trust and Safety

eBay Your Personal Trading Community (tm)

Important: eBay will not ask you for sensitive personal information
(such as your password, credit card and bank account numbers, National
Insurance numbers, etc.) in an email. Learn more account protection tips

Ebay Warning

I have just received (after all this time) one of these e-mails.

By any chance, did you have to type the message out manualy, and where not able to copy & paste?

This is because the text is embeded into a image, and isn't actualy text.

The whole image links to another site, with the embeded @, AKA, a fake site.

It leads to the well designed site, with ebay logos hosted on a Korean server.