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Dvd Burner???


Dvd Burner???

I have just recently started using BitTorrent. I watch films etc on my computer through DivX Player 2.6. I would like to be able to transfer these files onto a disc to play on my dvd player. Not sure if I need a dvd burner to do this? Not sure which application will work best with the DivX Player? Just want something simple and wondered if there was any free programs that allow me to do this? Totally clueless about all this technology and don't want to be downloading the wrong thing.

Helen Robertson
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Dvd Burner???

I am no expert but here goes; ideally a DVD drive would be ideal due to the size of the files (something like NEC ND3520 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter you should pay around £40 ish for that drive or a similar one) unless you are going to use a VCD then a CD burner would suffice. VCD should work in your standalone player but quality does suffer.

Most sorts of media players should play films/movies as long as you have the right codecs (these can be downloaded). I think window media player classic will play DVD films as well. Some dvd player now will play DivX films and mpegs. Some software is needed to convert or recode files so that they would play on a stand-alone DVD player (I use Nero Reloaded).

Please be aware that there are issues regarding copying and making backups of DVDs.

Dvd Burner???

Get a dual layer 16 speed DVD burner - NEC & Pioneer are good bets.

Not many current DVD players support divx and xvid.
have one - The Crystal Slimline DVD DivX Player
good value at £40ish - if they have any left.

I have one and it plays all formats under the sun. You can fit 12 350Mb divx files on 1 DVD, so most american tv series only need 2 DVDs for a whole season.