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Dreamweaver FTP Failing


Dreamweaver FTP Failing

When I try to upload my site using dreamweaver I'm getting the following error message.

An ftp error occured cannot put index.htm Access denied

My settings are as follows:
ftp host

I get the error when I use htdocs or not as initial directory?Huh

Dreamweaver FTP Failing

Can you upload other files? If you can its a permisions thing on the file. If you cant then its wrong username/password or bad connection
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Dreamweaver FTP Failing

Access: FTP
FTP Host: or or
host directory: htdocs/
login: yor usual login name
password: your usual portal password

Try with and without 'use passive FTP' ticked.

Click the test button to confirm you entered the correct login/password and FTP server details. Until this works, you won't be able to upload any files.

Host directory must be at least htdocs/ because you can't write files to the same directory level as htdocs, only within htdocs or a directory you create within htdocs.

If you have a firewall enabled, disable it temporarily to see if that is causing your connection problem. Blocking by your local firewall is by far the most common reason for FTP connections to fail. If it works with the firewall disabled you know where to look for the solution. Also disable any anti-virus software for the same reasons.

Dreamweaver FTP Failing

Disabling my firewall worked, many thanks for the help.