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DomainKeys Identified Mail


DomainKeys Identified Mail

The following article seems rather topical at the moment-

Those of you who use Yahoo! to send or receive mail may already be familiar with this.

Further information here-

and here-
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DomainKeys Identified Mail

Lets face it the current e-mail systems/protocols are fast becoming useless.

We have the so call "Web 2.0", its about time the egg heads come up with "E-mail 2.0".

The current e-mail protocols go back to the '60 where the world/internet was a very different place to that of today. Where most network administrator's know each other by name, and the bulk of the internet was academic / government.

My hit list for improvements would be;

Secure authentication
Authenticated sending
E-mail encryption
Sender policy frameworks
DomainKeys Identified Mail