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Domain understanding help please


Domain understanding help please

My understanding of domains generally is shaky, can some kind soul point me to a web site with a comprehensive and straightforward explanation?

If my general understanding is shaky then my understanding of PlusNet charges are nil. I have 2, what I think should be simple questions.

1) If I get PlusNet to register me with a domain name what is the total cost "

2) If a transfer in a domain name ( name I own what is the total cost?

In other words which is the cheapest option?

John T

Domain understanding help please

1: Without trying to confuse you even more, the total cost in this scenario will depend on your account type.

If your account includes a free domain, then there are no charges associated with registering the domain name, nor any charges associated with serving webpages or e-mail from it. Total cost here £0

If you are a ADSL Home customer, you can take up the £1 a month offer, and register a domain with no registration or hosting fee's. Total cos here, £1 a month.

In any other circumstances, provided your account type allows domain on it, then you will be charged £45 for a domain and £0 for hosting (hosting here will depend on the account again).

The odd part about domains is that you register domains for 2 years at a time. So you will pay £45 now, and no more for 2 years, at which point you will pay another £45 (£45 may have gone up or down in 2 year. You pay the charges applicable at that time). Total cost here, £45 every two years.

2: The charges here will depend on the method used to do the transfer.

If you only wish to host the domain at PlusNet (website and e-mail), then provided you still have free hosting slots available (account dependant), you can do this for free. However, you would still pay the people you registered the domain with a fee at the set periods at which they define.

If you wish to hand full control over to PlusNet, then it will be as if you registered the domain with PlusNet. Once the renewal time comes up, you will be charges £45 for the domain (every two years) and hosting charges dependant on how many slots you have available with your account.

Domain understanding help please

Thanks for your reply.

To sum up my understanding:

If I pay PlusNet £1 a month I will get a singing and dancing Domain name ie £24 every 2 years
If I transfer a Domain name in it will cost £45 every 2 years for the same service. Plus my fee to the Domain name registrar. ie I will save £21 plus every 2 years. :roll:
John T
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Domain understanding help please

No. The £45 includes the fee to the Domain Name Registrar.