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Domain swap over


Domain swap over

OK can any-1 please give me any info on this 1 ...Huh?

i have moved my domain name that i had with plus net over to 123-reg... the reason for this was that i had to find a bigger host with more bandwidth than i had with plus net..

anyway the transfer has gone over ok and i have now set the domains nameservers over to the new host....

my question is this... is that all i need to change...Huh or do i also need to change the DNS settings.. to the new host....Huh?

many thanks..

Domain swap over

This is a three prong step.

1: Transfer the IPSTAG to 123reg.

2: Change the NS server records on the 123reg portal to the new host

3: Change the DNS records at your new host. This is usualy done for you, once you inform the new host the above two steps are done.