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Domain link to hosting


Domain link to hosting

i am really new to this but could some one please help me out with this and tell me what to do, would be very greatful

i have brough the domain name: for 2 years from

and have the files hosted on my webspace at :

the thing is i want to like the domain name to where i am hosting the site, but i do not no how to do it .

i was looking up on the help files and came across something called Modify Name Servers this has anything to do with it ?
saying Enter the Primary and Secondary Nameserver you wish to modify

e.g for fasthost
Primary Nameserver
Secondary Nameserver

however i do not no the plusnet name server ?

if u can help please do and but me back onto track with thingsSmiley

thanks for ur time


Domain link to hosting

Ethier transfer your domain to plus net or check to see if ukreg have got web forwarding. If they don't and you don't want transfer your domain then you will have to change ukreg dns not plus nets
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Domain link to hosting

Does give you the facility to change the DNS servers associated with the domain you have registered. If so you change the DNS entries as detailed in Domain Transfer - How to transfer your domain help page (the hosting only section) and follow the other instructions there

Then read the Domains: Setting Up Domain records tutorial to find out how to point your hosted doamin at the stuartsword directory on your plusnet webspace.

Then wait 24->48 hours for all the changes to propogate around the internet and you should be up and running.

Domain link to hosting

thanks for the help lads