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Domain Transfer...


Domain Transfer...

OK.. can some-1 give me some feedback on this.... PLZ..

i have a domain name with plus net.. @ £1 per month... that i use on my free webspace..... i have had this for about 6 months..

but im looking into moving my webpages over to another host with more space & bandwidth...

will i then have to transfer my domane name over as well..Huh & if so will this cost me here....Huh as the host im thinking of going to is free to transfer to them.....Huh?
or can i just change the settings in my CP.. and direct it over to the new host...Huh
whats the best way to go...Huh many thanks.

Domain Transfer...

What you can and can't do will depend on what you are williong to pay and/or what the new host will support.

As you are only 6 months in, you will need to pay the full cost of the domain before it can be fully transfered out.

If your new host will allow you to simply point a A record at them, then you can do this for free from the domain control panel.

However, some require that they have DNS control, or full IPSTAG control. Both will require that you pay for the doamin with PlusNet first.

DNS control means they only control where the domain points, and IPSTAG means they will bill your for the domain from that point. PlusNet do not support the ability to transfer the DNS out but keep the IPSTAG, as such, it would be A records only, or full billing transfer.