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Domain Problems Please HELP!


Domain Problems Please HELP!

I just recently got a domain from plus net and i am having big trouble with it. i can't edit it in anyway. i can't put anything on it and i can't upload anything to it/ i have tried using Smart and Cute ftp to upload things but it refuses to login. PLEASE HELP coz i really wanna start editing my site.

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Domain Problems Please HELP!

We will need a little bit more info to help you -

Are you using the correct settings in the link:support pages for your FTP package? Is the domain hosted on PlusNet and hosted on the normal homepages server?

What's the domain name? Someone will be able to check that it has been registered correctly etc.


Domain Problems Please HELP!

first have you set the dir for your domain on the portal? Then you log on to your site and change dir to the one you set on the portal. So if you set the dir on the portal to jk then you would create a dir jk in your plus net space and upload your files to there.

Can you get a logon ok or cant you connect to the server? it is often better to ping you the server and this will give you the ip normaly and then set that up in your ftp instead of using the name.