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Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?


Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?

Sorry to keep "wapping" on about it, but I just wondered if anyone here has a wap site hosted on Plusnet, or knows someone who has a wap site hosted either here or elsewhere.

I would appreciate any help at ALL in setting one up.

I've written a site in wml, uploaded it, taken advice from the tutorials section, added a ".htaccess", even had a very kind moderator here look at it and say there's nothing wrong with the actual coding, but it's just not accessible via a mobile, rendering the "wireless" part of the "wap" acronym pointless.

As I say, any sites that any of you know of that have been created by members here, or any people who have written wap sites, please point me towards them.

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Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?

I don't have now... have had in the past though. What help do you need?

Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?

You're tempted by the chocolate, aren't you?


I've written a wap site, currently viewable here. (not all the links are correct as of yet, as I'm just testing using basic text.) I can see the site in a wap emulator right here on my PC, all fine and dandy, but cannot access it from any mobile I've had access to. (both of mine, my lovely wifes, the boss at work and 2 colleagues mobiles have all had a go.)

acarr had a look, and commented that it all looked fine code-wise.

I tried that addition of a .htaccess to recognise wml, but still no joy.

Wap sites I've created elsewhere a few years ago were all ok, so I'm just not sure why this one isn't viewable.

I just wanted to know if anyone has a current wapsite hosted here, that is viewable on a mobile, that I could have a look at the source for ideas.

Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?

OK, I will have another look later, however, I am concerned about the <body> and <a> tags in the card.

I do beleive they are not used in WML

Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?


just to let you know there seems to be problems viewing wap sites on the following mobile networks.

O2 and T-mobile

I dont know why there is a problem with these networks could be a problem with the server settings i have contacted O2 (my network) and all they say is reset your wap settings and when you do it doesnt help.

so basically the way i see it we are waiting for to sort it out!

Does anyone have a wap site hosted here?

I have just tested T-online, O2, Vodafone and Orange on GPRS. All but O2 worked.

By some of the testing, it looks like a O2 issue and not PlusNet.

When you talk to O2 support, it is like talking to trained monkeys, only the training isn't phone related.

You need to submit a complaint to O2 rather than contacting support. You should note that you have reset the phone countless times, and that support will not pass the matter further.

Any updates?

Does anyone have any updates on this topic? I seem to be suffering from the same problem accessing my new WAP site (hosted on PlusNet) via the O2 gateway - it seems to work fine on a friend's Orange phone.