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Does anyone have a decent Plus talk service?


Does anyone have a decent Plus talk service?

Hi all,

Id like to find out if anyone on these forums is actualy use Plustalk realistically and taking advantage of their call allowances? I have a Grandstream VIOP phone and find that after all the recent issues that now I get cut off after approx 10 seconds on both outgoing and incoming calls, but that the quality of these cals is very poor and they take forever to connect

Ive set up Voipcheap and in comparison to Plustalk its lightyears ahead, albeit at a cost of £10 every 90 days.

Do Plusnet/F9 think that the service is O.K.??

Interested in any replies.
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Does anyone have a decent Plus talk service?

Although I don't use Plustalk every day for all my calls, it seems pretty reliable for me. I simply don't make or receive lots of calls at home, so for me it mainly gets used for calling friends.

I call friends in the UK and it works fine.....good call quality and certainly no drop offs. Recently I've started calling a friend over in the USA using the service and that again works really well. The call quality works out to be similar to my BT line. I even explained to my friend and asked her to comment on the quality and although it's not quite as good as a BT line, she said it was fine. Not much different from when I call her on BT.

I use an ATA and DECT phone and that combination seems to work well. I've tried software VoIP solutions in the past and I've found them to be unreliable. I've experienced poor call quality and drop offs with them. of course, doing things on the PC tended to make that worse too so the hardware solution works great for me.

The harware took a while to set up since the manual pretty much tells you how to plug it all together and very little on configuration. One issue I did have was calling the direct dial number associated with my account.

For some crazy reason, calling from a landline to my PlusTalk account requires my ATA to be set using as a proxy. If I use it registers but all calls are forwarded to voicemail. works fine even though both names resolve to the same servers. Bizarre but obviously just the way things are set up on my account. It's no biggie.

Anyway, all in all things work well for me so the hours spent refining the configuration on my ATA has not gone to waste.
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Does anyone have a decent Plus talk service?

I've not had a problem with it at all. I'm using a D-link router on my Broadband connection (Premiere 1). And I have a basic USB handset (a glorified USB mic and speaker really), using the X-lite software.

My only issue is when I plug the USB device into the PC, it changes my default audio devices, which I then have to change back myself, but that's an issue with the device/drivers/software, not the service.

Call quality seems to be equal to a standard telephone service, I'm not disconnected except after an hour (which I believe is standard practice, and I get an audio warning when that's about to happen). I've not really had any calls to the 0845 number I was allocated, although I have called myself from my landline to ensure a. I keep the number, and b. that it works. Again, no problems.

I've even got it working through my PC's regular speakers and mic, and also through a bluetooth headset. I can't really fault it at all.