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Do PN route Private IP addresses?


Do PN route Private IP addresses?


I help out on a forum and noticed the other day someone's IP address was a private one: :shock:
This person was obviously behind a proxy and somehow the Private address was being broadcast.
My question is a)do all ISP's route private addresses b)this must be a weakness of NAT C)how can this be traced if needbe.
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Do PN route Private IP addresses?

What where the first two segments of the IP address?

I believe only 192.168.x.x is private.


Do PN route Private IP addresses?

Hi Chilly,

The first two octets were 192.168 that is what i can't understand :shock: Unless it is the Visual Bulletin software getting muddled because i noticed the second time around it said:

Real IP 192.168.x.x
Proxy address normal public

For some reason it must be picking up the IP on the LAN side....
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Do PN route Private IP addresses?

1) Some small ISPs use private addresses for their customers but only within their network, they then use NAT to the outside world. But most ISPs do use routable IPs out onto the internet. In fact it's not actually possible as most routers ignore such private addresses. Also it is sometimes impossible to determin the referral or actual IP address of the sender because it goes via several proxies which change the senders IP address and you are actually seeing their internal IP before it is converted to a routable address via NAT/proxy. Also some firewall software will purposly hide the actual IP address so the sender remains anonymous.

2) Not a weakness, more likely the proxy or a spoofed address or the forum software picking up the wrong info in the packet.

3) It's impossible to trace private addresses as they effectvely do not exist on the internet. One of the reasons why peopleuse such addresses to hide their location.

Do PN route Private IP addresses?


Thanks for the reply. So as i thought it is an error in the forum software then....

Thanks again Cheesy