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Do I have a virus?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Do I have a virus?

I wonder if you can help me.

Over the last few days my gateway has been returning reports similar to this:

TCP Packet - Source:,3099,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,3296,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,3385,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,3430,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,3470,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,3644,80 - [BLOCK] TCP Packet - Source:,4141,80 - [BLOCK]

They only seem to be generated when my kids PC is active and from what I can tell so far while they are using Microsoft messenger. The address appears to belong to Limelight Networks who appear to be content hosts.

Scanning my machine shows it to be virus and malware free…

Anyone have any ideas why this PC would be trying to contact Limelight?