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Dialer Problems - proxy


Dialer Problems - proxy

When I try to dial up I get redirected to a 0871 number and the plus net setting has a proxy setting. No spyware or virus checker detects anything. Something keeps inserting the proxy settings into the registry. Any suggestions?


Dialer Problems - proxy

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

That would appear to be a rogue dialler.What security software are you running on your machine?

Dialer Problems - proxy


I'm using

McAfee Antivirus
Spyware Doctor

Using XP SP2

I only found out about the redirection when I lost broadband and had to dial up and after I got my phone bill! - the dial up properties don't reveal the actual number dialed (0871 4719842) - I download a BT utility that actually reveals the number being dialed

Dialer Problems - proxy

AVG Free Edition should take care of this for you.

Download from here

You should disable McAfee whilst installing and running AVG.

Hijackthis should have identified this dialler.

Let us know how you get on.

P.S for further reading, see this article

Dialer Problems - proxy

Many thanks

The link was very informative - AVG found several trojan dialers in the System Volume Information folder with names like A0117786.exe. The question is why did my existing system not detect these - I have a firewall, anti-spyware, anti-virus and these still got through!

Anyway - thanks again

Dialer Problems - proxy

I'd suggest running a couple of on-line scans first. Ewido seems to be quite good at cleaning scumware:

There's also Trend Housecall (use both the virus and spyware scans):

If you're on dial-up, you should download and install this small tool from BT, it'll alert you to any rogue dialer activity in your PC and possibly save you lots of £££:

Good luck!

Dialer Problems - proxy

Download startupcpl from

and check your startup files look for anything that you dont know and un tick it. With the prog you can re tick them to start them again. Look for the full path and unless you know what the file is untick it.

I just came from a customer with AV Adaware firewall etc and she had 4 dialers on it none were detected by the AV etc.

The startup files were ccrs or permitation of those letters like ccsr csrs some were showing as being AV updates but were in the wrong directory and some showed as messinger files.

they were all running file in windows/system32/sillyfoldername.

To delete the files you will need to start in safe mode or from xp cd recovery

Dialer Problems - proxy

The question is why did my existing system not detect these

Because McAfee is not as clever as AVG Wink

I have been running AVG for years and have yet to be let down by it.

Glad your sorted.