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Designing Cascading menus in Frontpage

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Designing Cascading menus in Frontpage


I can't find any help here or within FP:-(

Basically I want to design a menu such that the top-level item has a plus to the left side as in a normal Windows display. Clicking on that or the item itself displayes a list below it and slightly to the right with the remaining menu items shifting downwards.

Clicking onthe top-level item again closes the items and the lower ones shift back up again.

Hope I have explained it properly.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Designing Cascading menus in Frontpage

There's a few javascripts that might do this.

Take a look at theyv'e got loads of useful scripts.


Designing Cascading menus in Frontpage

the place to be is

Dreamweaver or fireworks does what you want but FP is not very good, th enew FP 2003 has it built in but its not very easy