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Default Email Address


Default Email Address

Is it possible to stop the default email address getting incorrectly addressed emails 9and bounce them instead)? If some does a bulk attack against our domain name, all incorrectly guessed ones will pile into the default address.


Default Email Address

They can't be bounced, bit there is some action you can take.

First, create a mailbox from which you can collect e-mail.

Second, create forwards to that maibox, for any addresses you normaly use.

Third, create a redirect for postmaster@ to this mailbox too, which is required under your contract

At this point, you can raise a link:contact us ticket, asking that PlusNet forwards your catchall (default mail account) to the bin.

There is a specific path available for this

  • Technical Support (Except Connection Problems - See below)
    • Email Services
      • Redirecting or blocking mail sent to your email addresses
        • I want to have mail sent to my default (Catch-all) mailbox blocked / deleted
          • I wish to block all mail sent to my default mailbox. I have already created a postmaster mailbox.

Default Email Address

Okay, thanks for that. We'll make note of that and do it if the problem gets bad, but we had set-up, and use, the default as our email address. It would take some effort to move over to another one - it's just the incorrectly addressed ones we'd want to delete/bounce.