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DNS query: and


DNS query: and

I have just (about) got my head around setting up an Apache server and hosting my own pages. I have configured additional DNS records so that points to my server succesfully. BUT if I (or anyone else) enter simply into their browser they still goto Sad

Can someone point me to the (no doubt very simple) solution PLEASE Shockedops:

Thank you VERY much in advance

DNS query: and


Assuming this domain is hosted with PlusNet, go into the Domain Names section and choose to configure the domain name in question.

Under domain hosting settings it should be checked for "Other".

Chose configure DNS settings, you need two settings here to achieve what you want and you will need to remove the existing one. The first entry will setup to the IP address of Apache computer, enter as:

Left field: (note, put a full stop at the end of uk).
Type: A
Pri: leave blank
Right Field: IP address

The second entry is a CNAME, it is customary to use a CNAME for common targets, e.g. www or ftp.

Left field: www (yes just the www bit, nothing else).
Pril: leave blank
Right Field: (again remember to put a full stop after uk)

Save those and submit the changes.

Give it a few hours to update. A good tool to use to check the settings are correct is , top right hand side is DNS Lookup, put in your domain with the www and then without and leave record type as A to see what your settings are on the internet. Remember this will not reflect any new changes immediately.

To see what you are intending to get, use the tool and look at then

Hope this helps