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DNS issue HELP!!


DNS issue HELP!!


I’ve got a small problem:

I’ve got a domain name that serves a web site.

I’ve got 2 web servers with separate IP addresses, both have the same static content on.

I need the HOST name to point to the primary server first and if this server is down fail over to the second web server.

Can this be done without using Clustering of the servers, AND/OR round robin methods, as I do not wish to load balance?

P.S im running a windows 2000 domain and this is an intranet site. running my own DNS servers.

Any help would be appreciated.

DNS issue HELP!!

The only way I can see is the network load balancing this gives you a virtual ip which your DNS points to and it then sends it to the least buzy server. If one dies then it send it to the other one.

If you have win2k advanced server its built in or you can get things like ncd thin path to do it. There are rooters which will do it for you