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DNS Records and Mail Servers


DNS Records and Mail Servers


I'm just about to host my own mail server so went to the Configure Domain Names page on the PlusNet Website Pages. I took the advice and took a look at the examples shown in the SMTP help pages before changing anything in the Configure Domains Page. I'd like to make sure I have understood how to set up in the right fields and would like to confirm with someone who has set it up before that the example shown below is correct.

Where '' appears in the example a) I would replace it with my own domain name and where 'mail.domain.extension.' I would replace with my servers mail name and FQDN and the static IP with the one assigned to me?

Example (a)

To deliver all mail to a mail server:

Left Type Pri Right MX 5 mail.domain.extension.


my domain name MX 5 machine name.local lan.domain name (FQDN)

Type Pri Right A static.IP.or.mailserverIP


MY DOMAIN NAME A My Static Address

Also, I'm opening up Port 25 on my firewall but do I need to allow just my static IP address incoming access or do I have to open it up to any IP addresses?

Thanks in advance

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DNS Records and Mail Servers

Check the domain records tutorial in the tutorials and FAQs forum.

Also I'm moving this to a more suitable forum as it's not really ADSL related.


DNS Records and Mail Servers

Thanks fa55dsl. Yes I have checked the Domains FAQ but sorry they are not that clear to newbies like me. Still, I'll give it a go and see what happens. There's nothing on ports either, so does anyone know whether port 25 should be opened up to just my IP address or all addresses?


DNS Records and Mail Servers

You need to allow any external address to be able to reach it, as you won't know the IP addresses of mail servers which will wish to contact you.

Also, look more closely at the examples -- you haven't spotted the dot at the end of the names. You need that dot! If you omit it, the domain name will be appended, so you will end up with it twice!

The MX entry is really there to indicate which host(s) provide(s) the mail services for a given domain. So, an SMTP server receives mail destined for Which host at should it contact to deliver that mail? It does a DNS lookup for type MX records to find out, trying the one with the highest priority first. So the right hand side should be a name which will then resolve to your public IP address: eg "", and then have an "A" record giving the IP address of "" as your 212.<whatever> address.

And you need to configure your mail system so it recognises it should accept mail for "" but reject mail for domains you don't own.