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Creating a multimap / streetmap style website


Creating a multimap / streetmap style website

Hello All,

I am currently looking into creating a Multimap - map interface on a website.

What do you guys think would be the best way of setting it up?

I have (or rather can get) the source maps as a series of GIF tiles at various different zoom levels.

My ideas so far have been to have a MySQL database of all the different tiles, then use PHP to grab the requested tile depending on the selection criteria (zoom level, co-ordinates, etc).

In addition I would need some image map which would link into these co-ordinates and zoom level thingy.

I know its a helishly complicated project (considering the amount of data and coding time needed to make it work), and something of a size which I have never attempted before.

If anyone has any suggestions, or comments about my current ideas, if MySQL / PHP is the best solution? etc etc I would be interested to hear them!



PS the maps are of Belgium - in particularly Brussels.
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Creating a multimap / streetmap style website

Sorry a side point, rather than an answer to your question.

You can use correctly formatted URL’s to point to maps on

The URL is made up of; (On a single line.)




Creating a multimap / streetmap style website

I think we might be going with Multimap.

They charge £1500 per year plus 2.4p per map access, although this seems *way* too steep.

The other option is to get proper GIS data and a custom built interface from someone like at a cost of £10k

Or shall I build it ,myself?

Decisions, decisions.