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Crackling VoIP calls

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Registered: 13-09-2007

Crackling VoIP calls

Does anyone here get crackling sounds on VoIP calls? Not just specifically with PlusTalk, but any VoIP provider?

I ask because I get this with my Draytek Vigor 2700V VoIP router and using either a DECT or corded ordinary phone connected. The other party doesn't hear any crackling but I do.

I've queried this on Draytek's forums but having heard about the throttling of VoIP I'm wondering if anything going on there could be causing this, or whether it's more a problem with the router.

The crackling is mainly on anything over a certain volume level. I've played around with gain settings but it's little help. I do think it's more likely to be the router because the other end doesn't have a problem and at my end the volume is rather loud.

Actually, I should try out a software VoIP client... hmm, I'll download one and give it a go.