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Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net


Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net

I'm using an iPAQ 3760 running pocket pc 2002 with a Siemens S55 via a Nokia PCMCIA Bluetooth card in PCMCIA jacket.

I've got this up and running successfully but was wondering if anyone can tell me the optimal settings for the connection. There are configuration options available for the connection as follows:

Data Bits: currently 8
Parity: currently None
Stop Bits: currently 1
Flow Control: currently hardware

Use terminal before connecting? currently unchecked
Use terminal after connecting? currently unchecked
Enter dialing commands manually? currently unchecked

Use server assigned IP address (currently selected) or Use Specific IP address?
Use Slip? currently unchecked
Use software compression? currently checked
Use IP Header compression? currently checked

Name Servers
Use server assigned addresses? currently checked
Use specific server addresses? currently unchecked

Also, what is the max connection speed I can expect to use? Currently using 9600.

I look forward to any help.



Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net

Via standard Dial-up techniques, will can only receive 9660bps.

You can acheive upto normal dial-up speeds with GPRS, however, this is expensive and requires that there be spare capacity in the cell you initiate the connection with (unsure if your mobile is GPRS).

Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net

S55 is GPRS enabled but I'd need to sign up for a suitable tariff. I won't be using this enough to justify the expense. I'll be quite happy just being connected now and then to check email etc.


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Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net

Btw, depending on your network operator, you may actually be able to get 14400bps using standard circuit-switched data at no extra charge. (There is also HSCSD, when two or more channels are bound together, but I don't think you can get that any more here in the UK.)

And, for what it's worth, the maximum theoretical GPRS speed is 38400kbps. Smiley


Connect iPAQ PDA via Bluetooth to +net

My dial up connection is very unreliable. When I connect to a Freeserve account using my iPAQ and Siemens S55, the connection works first time and operates perfectly.

I have read other reports of this problem and was wondering if anyone has a solution?