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Configuring Email for a domain


Configuring Email for a domain

If this is a FAQ please refer me but I have searched the forum for email and domain and didn't find the answer.

I have registered a domain and transferred it to plusnet and is now configured to map to the cgi server. However, I am not sure where email to this domain goes at present. It is certainly not being captured by my plusnet account.

How can I arrange for all email coming to this domain to be forwarded to a specified email address? Is this where mx records come in? If so could someone share a quick example?


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Configuring Email for a domain

Any email for or will go to your or mailbox. i.e. goes to

If you don't have specific mailboxes defined for say fred or bert then all email will go into your default mailbox which you pick up using username + password.

It is not possible to redirect all email for your domain to a single mailbox. You can only redirect specific mailboxes and then only your ones. The only way to do this is to setup your own mail server and manage the mailboxes on your own PC. You use the SMTP option to do this.