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Configuring Cisco ATA-186 (ex-BT)


Configuring Cisco ATA-186 (ex-BT)

I have managed to upgrade the firmware to SIP version 3.1 using the instructions/firmware here but am struggling to figure out how to set it up for Plusnet. Has any succeeded with this before?

Re: Configuring Cisco ATA-186 (ex-BT)

I've just finished setting mine up Cheesy
Login to your ATA-186 (http://ip_address/dev),
Setup a UIPassword.
Set "UseTFTP:" to 0,
Enter your Plusnet SIP ID in the "UID0:" box.
Enter your Plusnet password in the "PWD0:" box,
Enter "" in the "GkOrProxy" box,
Enter your name in "DisplayName0:"
then click apply
You will then be directed to the Password screen, enter 0 in UIPassword and enter your new password in the ChangeUIPasswd boxes and click apply again, you will then get the option to reload. after the reload mine connected and works fine on Plusnet

Configuring Cisco ATA-186 (ex-BT)

Thanks. That worked for me.

Interestingly, I have two Plustalk accounts (two ADSL lines) so can confirm it will run a 2nd Plustalk account on Line 2 but when I called from one account to the other, the phone rings but no audio flows on call pickup; I assume because it cannot set up a media data flow with itself.