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Configure Cisco 7940 with PlusTalk


Configure Cisco 7940 with PlusTalk

Has anyone successfully configured a Cisco 7940G for PlusTalk ?

What detail goes into which option on the phone ?

I've tried all the logical options to no avail, had no problems setting up with other providers...

Might be an idea for a sticky so that a matrix can be built up to help quick configuration of different phone models :?:

Figured it out .....

Finally figured it out :

Name = SIP ID eg 123456
Authentication Name = SIP ID eg 123456
Authentication Password = ****** (your PlusNet password)
Proxy Address =
Proxy Port = 5060

This should be all that is needed. Here are a couple of optional fields:

Shortname = PlusNet (can be anything you want)
Display Name = PlusNet (can be anything you want - this is sent to other end of call)

Hope this helps someone. Cheesy

Cisco SIP Problems

Greate news to here u got it working... Im have problems authenticating... would u mind sending me a copy of ur config ex ur use ID's etc.. thanks...