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Complain to OFCOM HERE


Complain to OFCOM HERE

It may come to nothing, but if you want to get OFCOM involved in this mess, fill in this quick questionaire. Once they have had enough complaints, they should investigate.

Then vote to say that you have done it.

Complain to OFCOM HERE


Whilst im sure you are more than annoyed with problems I still fail to see how this thread and your comments actually benefit any user?
Threats have been made and processes started on more than a number of occassions yet nothing ever seemed to have transpired from this.

Perhaps having had expressed your problems would have been a better move then people would have had something to relate to and infact even been able to offer advice on the matter.

I am firstly inclined to either lock this thread or remove it but I will settle for moving it to an alternate forum, namely "Everything Internet".


Complain to OFCOM HERE

threats and processes have been started by whom?

I have made the ultimate threat, and carried it out. I have cancelled my contract. However, the notice period works both ways. I keep paying, they are still obliged to fix my service.
If they would rather give up on it and cancel my conract with immediate effect then I will be more than happy to accept that.

In case you wonder, and in order for others to relate to this, my problem is that my internet connection did not work for a week, and when it came back, it was shit.
Plusnet couldn't give a fuck about it.
That's my problem.
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Complain to OFCOM HERE

Tomspcs, with respect read the problems I and others are having, look at this

When you cannot talk to people on the phone, when you get bog standard replys to your tickets............that are worthless.........when people are paying for a service they are not on earth can you defend this and smite the victims for standing up for them selfs the only way they can.........

I hope you never have this problem or you might see our point



Complain to OFCOM HERE

I think it is amusing that a so called moderator hasn't yet worked out what my problem is. I have posted enough about it! Maybe my posts passed him by.

I would also like to know who the hell he thinks he is moving this very relevant thread to a completely dead section of the forum. You need to do a lot more than censor me to stop plusnet customers leaving in their hundreds.
And why on earth shouldn't those customers who are being ignored by support complain about it?
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Complain to OFCOM HERE

This thread is off topic, attacking of other forum users and now serves no purpose, as such it's locked.