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Come to cable, it's reliable and has customer service!


Come to cable, it's reliable and has customer service!

Following months of increasingly poor service from Plusnet customer services and the odd line problems from time to time my employers left Plusnet for a new provider. I saw how extremely pleased they were, so decided it was time to ditch the once excellent Plusnet and find a reliable ISP at home too.

I have now gone with Blueyonder (from Telewest) on their 10Mb service and there's no looking back.

They answer the phone when I call them and it's normally without being on hold or within a minute or so instead of Plusnet's dire 45 minutes.

The cable broadband hasn't let me down once.

The 10Mb service is incredibly quick, I'm getting 1.16Mbs (note MB, not KB) on downloads.

There aren't any of the issues regarding line quality and distance from the exchange unlike ADSL that Plusnet and others sell, so if you pay for a certain speed you will get that speed.

I used to be happy with Plusnet ages back when I started using the ADSL product. They were great back then, decent connection and customer service used to respond quickly and in a friendly way. Now it all seems to have changed. Over the last few months I've noticed Plusnet go from bad to appauling. Customer services takes close to an hour on the phone and the tickets take 24 hours and over to respond to, despite what the online portal says on it's statistics page (I still suspect with good reason that these are cooked figures).

Anyway, my advice is leave Plusnet and join a decent ISP that can provide a decent service and with customer service you can speak to without racking up a huge phonebill.

I am not sure what's happened to Plusnet over the last few months, but suspect they've either taken on more than they can handle and are having problems punching above their weight, or they've let a load of people go and can't cope with demand. The connections and customer service is useless and it's a shame to see a decent ISP go to ruin like this.

Plusnet, sort yourselves out

I am posting this because I suspect while there may be some of you still happy with Plusnet, there will be others looking for another provider. If Telewest is in your area, make the leap now, you'll be glad you did!

(I wonder if this truthful post will remain on the forum or be removed?)

Come to cable, it's reliable and has customer service!


Come to cable, it's reliable and has customer service!

> "in your area"

Glad you included that, because it's likely 50% have no choice of switch to cable.

Another thought is that with the merger of NTL and Telewest, there are rumours of them using the Telewest name because they don't call it NT Hell for nothing.

I don't have the option to switch to cable, but know there's a regular newsgroup user who went the other way and wouldn't switch back to cable even if paid.

He has his views on PN, but still wouldn't go back.

On your final point - if it had been in the Community Help area, it would likely have been moved to this area anyway, but not deleted. No need for conspiracy theories!
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sticking with

my experience with various banks has influenced my attitude to other large organisations and while remains the polite entity it has so far been i shall stay and allow them time to resolve the many issues they face as they upgrade.

i have been with for a year and, for the most part, my surfing experience enabled by has been relatively fault-free. the service has been down a couple of times during the upgrade to 8mb process. this i expected. keep me informed by email of what is happening, though they forgot to let me know about the peak-hour limitations and an email told me i was over the top. this causes me minor inconvenience, but is a fair allocation of limited resources.

when i first joined, i expected to be on 512mb and have to wait a while to be upgraded to 2mb, but found i was on 2mb from the off. the difference between that and dial-up is a wonder to behold.

i look forward to the faster speed and a gradually mproving service.

Come to cable, it's reliable and has customer service!

As for getting connected at 2000 kbps, a similar situation would exist for anyone migrating to or from Plus.Net, or for new connections, as they'd automatically have an order placed for the fastest speed available.

Minor problems I think most people can accept, and/or make arrangements so there's less need to use the "value added" services.

While I don't push the idea that "one gets what one pays for", that can sometimes be seen to be the case (I use both freebie and paid-for mail services, and while I can rarely fault the free ones, the paid-for services sometimes offer features that aren't available on the free ones).

I think one of the biggest areas of complaint at the moment is the "priority for long-standing customers" (wrt getting DSL Max "upgrades") which simply has not been followed, and people seeing how newcomers who they referred have been upgraded.

I'm not entirely sure whether some of those would be people joining Plus.Net after the beginning of April (in which case it would be automatic) or just people who are newer than someone posting, and have been upgraded while the poster hasn't (and feels pretty annoyed). I've seen a number of such postings (perhaps a small number in a variety of different areas/web sites) and can understand the frustration.

I was on PAYG and used the queue jump option but my fastest route to getting upgraded was to switch ISP. Of course, s*d's law means I'm not seeing full speed, but equally, not getting less than 2000 kbps, either, so really little to complain about, as I'm paying a bit less. I'm not checking every day to see what speed I get... so long as it works (and it does!) I'm "OK".