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Cisco 7960 with PlusTalk


Cisco 7960 with PlusTalk

Has anybody got Plusnet working with a Cisco 7960 (SIP) Phone?

I must say that I'm getting confused with the entries in the SIP'MAC Address' configuration file, and can't get the line to connect.

Anybody any ideas what the following entries should be?


I believe that i'm right in assuming the following entries in SIPDefault?

proxy1_address: ""
proxy1_port: 5060

On the same phone I can connect to Gradwell, VoipTALK, and SIPGate simultaneously, so the basic settings are okay!

Anybody shed any lightHuh



Cisco 7960 with PlusTalk

Hmmm .. nobody then!?

Does this help?

I previously posted for Cisco 7940, the 7960 is the same phone but supports more lines - the 7940 only has 2.

This is the result of what I found works and posted back in Oct 2005 - pretty straight forward :

Name = SIP ID eg 123456
Authentication Name = SIP ID eg 123456
Authentication Password = ****** (your PlusNet password)
Proxy Address =
Proxy Port = 5060

This should be all that is needed. If you are running more than one line/phone you may need to think about the ports you use (or are able to). IE if two phones on sipgate for example, first device can be proxy port 5060 but second should use port 5062. I guess pt will be the same although I've not tried it out yet.

Here are a couple of optional fields for your own usability benefit:

Shortname = PlusNet (can be anything you want)
Display Name = Neenarg (can be anything you want - this is sent to other end of call)

Hope this helps.

Cisco 7960 with PlusTalk

Many thanks - that works a treat.

(I was getting kinda close to this, honestly Shockedops: )

Do you find the call quality to be ok?


Call Quality

I've only just configured it through PlusNet again a couple of days ago - when I realised PN have moved forward with their Voip and included the plustalk 240 deal with my dsl subscription.

I've only made one test call to my own landline and also one 'genuine' call to a friend - quality seems fine to me - had a very slight echo at the beginning of the call but it wasn't bad.

I think they need to allow us to assign geographic numbers and then they will have a competitive product - until then I will continue using SipGate as my main provider.