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Changing ISP for domain name???


Changing ISP for domain name???

Hi guys,

I started a club with a guy two years ago now and he registered a domain name for us. Since the original company has dissolved who was hosting the domain name so this has been passed to someone else a company called Division X.

also since then my fellow member has also left the club,

now you see the domain name is registered in his name, so nominet will not speak or do any transfers for me, I am trying to get in touch with my mate and he was nice a couple of months back but now I have heard nothing from him.

Also the domain name expires this December to top it all off. I would not mind getting this domain swapped to PlusNet to host. But what can I do?

any advise would be cool. I do not really want this name detagged as I will never be able to get it back then as nominet say this is a few months before it is available again but its more like years as I know of a few more domains like this.

Can anyone give me any advice?



Changing ISP for domain name???

There is nothing more you can do at this time, other than to contact the domain owner.

Until the domain is detagged, nominet will not get involved.

Once it has been detagged, they will do there best to contact the owner themselve, stating that sombody in enquiring.

Provided than that all fees are upto date, and eh fails to reply to nominet, they will then place it back for registration.

As it has been registered by a individual, for use by the group, there is little you can do in legal terms. However, if he was elected, chosen or paid by the group to register it, then you can likely start on procedings to get it back in your control.

This may be a hard task, and may not be possible, however, there is a chance.
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Changing ISP for domain name???

The best thing to do would be to read Nominet's website which has a lot of information on how to deal with issues such as this in the disputes section if I recall correctly.

Even once the domain is detagged it will be an unspecified period of around 6 months to 2 years before they make it available again.