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Can't pick up calls on my VOIP IP Phone


Can't pick up calls on my VOIP IP Phone


Can anyone help?

I have a Linksys IP Phone which my work has supplied me to work from home. This phone allows me to have 2 lines set up and I have successfully configured it to use my work's voip on line 1 and my Plusnet Broadband Phone on Line 2.

I can make calls with no problems at all. The problem I am having is that when someone calls me on my Plusnet number and I pick up the handset I can hear the person at the other end but all they can hear is the phone still ringing and then it goes onto the voicemail. I have also upgraded XLite to Eyebeam on my PC and it can't pick up the calls either.

Does anyone know how I can fix this.

Craig Stewart
Posts: 64
Registered: 04-08-2007

Can't pick up calls on my VOIP IP Phone

Two things I changed when I had this problem:

Open port 3478 (STUN) on my routers firewall (plusnet mention this in their FAQ)

Port forward the relevent RTP & SIP ports to either your PC or your Linksys (5060-5070 & 8000 - 8010).

This fixed it for me, for obvious reasons incoming calls will have to go to either the Linksys OR your PC.