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Can someone please clarify...


Can someone please clarify...


Can someone please clarify the amount of data I can have on Plusnet's mail server before they contact me to clear it out.
I have asked them via the portal but got a reply of "as long as it is cleared out on a regular basis there won't be a problem".
Also, I know you can access webmail but the option for Imap or pop seems to be a long winded way unless I am missing something :?
Is it because I currently retrieve via pop? If I set up my client to retrieve via Imap would this default for the web access too? There doesn't seem to be any configuration via their gui.

Lastly, if the storage isn't enough I am thinking of using a fastmail account. Could I point my current plusnet mail address' to them?

Thanks for reading!
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Can someone please clarify...

50Megs of email has been mentioned in the past so as long as you stay below this figure you should not be noticed by PlusNet. You can store much more for short periods (the attachment limit is 100Megs) but not for extended periods.

The webmail always defaults to pop3 and there is no way to make it default to imap when you go to the webmail login page. The setting you have in your email client has no effect on the webmail settings.

You can add individual redirects to specific mailboxes but there is no way to redirect all mail sent to your plusnet mailbox(s) to another mail service/account.


Thanks for your help Pete Cheesy