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Can someone confirm my DNS settings for e-mail?


Can someone confirm my DNS settings for e-mail?

Hi all,

I've set the www side of my hosted domain fine (with help from support!) and I've recently added settings to point mail to my home Linux server. Machine is named linux and it's in the domain so I've hopefully pointed the MX record to send mail to my static IP:

www a
linux a
mx 5

Curious if I understood it and got it correct!

ta for any reply,

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Can someone confirm my DNS settings for e-mail?


Theres two ways to setup SMTP mail delivery to your static IP.

You can do it the way you have done, provided there is no same or higher priority MX record, then at first attempt mail will be delivered to your IP. If your offline though, and have no other lower priority MX records, your mail will bounce.

You can also set your account and then domain to SMTP delivery using the portal. This will automatically create the correct MX records for your IP, and also sets up an account for you on Autoturn, or backup SMTP server. You can then collect your mail from autoturn if for any reason it doesn't get delivered straight to your IP.

At the moment, the way you have done it looks slightly wrong, in that you are missing a trailing dot from the line "mx 5". Bind always adds the domain name to any record, unless you add a dot to show it is a fully qualified domain name already. Either "linux" or "" would work, but at the moment your mx record points to "". You can see it here.


Can someone confirm my DNS settings for e-mail?

Thanks very much, I'd run dig from my Linux machine and it also showed the same error though I wasn't sure if it was due to the config I had before I altered it to the above: seems the above was the error!

I'll write this all up and publish it 'once' (read 'if'! lol) I get it working!

Cheers again,