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Call Charging Issue - is this correct?


Call Charging Issue - is this correct?

I have just started using the Plustalk PAYG service.

I dialled a landline number just now (SUN 04/11 @16.0Cool and rung off before a connection was made.

I appears I was charged even though I made no connection!!!

Is this is the way this service works - if so its pretty poor.

Please can someone verify if this is the case.

Thank you all in advance
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Call Charging Issue - is this correct?

I said this was happening in a ticket some time ago but never heard any more about it.

Call Charging Issue - is this correct?

In all fairness, the point at which the call drops off plusnet's network and goes onto a peer / routed to BT / whatever, plusnet probably get charged for it, even if it doesn't make a connection, as the bandwith had already been allocated to that call.

Seems unfair I agree, but I believe this is how it works Sad
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Call Charging Issue - is this correct?


We do not charge unless the remote party goes off-hook, so incompleted calls should go uncharged.

If however the party has an answering service or uses a system that goes off-hok right away and the ring you actually hear is one generated by their own phones, then charging will occur.

Other circumstances this can happen is when a customer places a call the goes on-hook right away. This can cause the system to create a zombie connection that you cannot control. This is normally caused by software or phones that do not terminate the call properly.

When you say you rung off, are you sure?

If you terminate just as a person picks up, it would class it as going off-hook.

Whilst it may not feel like assurance, you would only be charged upto 1 hour of calltime, or upto your credit allowance.

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Call Charging Issue - is this correct?

hello - I have accepted that the timing might have just allowed the ans machine to pick up just before I put the phone down so to speak. I wasnt sure if it did or not, so in this instance its sorted. Will monitor it though.
Thanks everyone.