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Building a Website - HELP


Building a Website - HELP

I am an absolute beginner and would be grateful for help on how to build a website. I have tried using PlusNet Website Wizard (and help) but am not able to achieve what I want. I basically want to post photographs on a website which family and friends can view and which I can add to.

I have a number of questions/need help as follows:

(1) My ideal website would be one with a Homepage which has (i) a short "Welcome" message and (ii) a menu with a thumbnail photo for each event/trip with a short description (such as "Alaska") which, when clicked on will link the person to those photos.

I have set up a first page as "index" but am having difficulty setting up the second page which, I assume is the one which would have the relevant photos say of Alaska. For my Homepage I have used the "Discovery" template but would ideally want the second page to be more or less blank (ie without a menu) and then slot in the photos.

Please, please can someone out there tell me how to do this or how I can achieve more or less what I want in very simple steps as I'm a complete beginner?

(2) I would prefer to slot in the photos all in one go ie just click on the file rather than insert one photo at a time. Is this possible?

(3) What would be an optimum size for the "large" photos which can be seen clearly but not take up too much space?

(4) I find I am getting "timed out" and everything is freezing when I am working on this.

Sorry, I know this is a lot to ask but I'm confident that there is someone out there who will be kind and patient enough to take me through this step-by-step.

Many thanks

sheema :?: :?: :?:

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Building a Website - HELP

Ok lets try and offer some help.

You say you have your home page setup as a file called index..htm or index.html either is Ok.

Next you need to create folders for each of the other pages. Not essential but it does help to keep things neat and tidy for future alterations and editing.

So lets say you create a folder called alaska. (note the deliberate use of lower case. use it for all file and folder names as it makes fault finding easier)

In the alaska folder you could upload all your images for that event and have a html file in there called whatever you like alaskatrip for example.
I tend to create small thumbnails of images to have on the page and then make them into links that open up into a full size image.
The small images I make about 100 x 100 pixels and they open up to 1024 x 768 which is the resolution of my camera.
have a look at my sailing pages for example.

The subject of trying to teach you how to create links etc is probably too involved for posting here but I would suggest you use some software to help with the building of the site. (see my PM to you)
Much of the sofware available will do all the hard work for you.

Building a website - HELP

John - Thanks so much for your help and for replying so quickly. I'm particularly grateful for your advice re the size of photos. I did have a look at your main website and "sailing" and I would like my site to look similar to your main one!

I have read your response carefully and have a few questions (when I said I was a beginner, I meant it!):

What do you mean by "create folders" and where? Do you mean on the PC? If so, I've already done this and have put all relevant photos in there.

From your last paragraph I am assuming that I can't create my website using PlusNet's Website Wizard which is what I was trying to do. Is this correct?

Finally, just to show what a novice I am, how do I access your PM to me?

Finally, finally, why was I experiencing everything freezing when I did try to work in my website?

Thanks again. This is the first time I've used the Forum and it's nice to know there's someone out there!
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Building a Website - HELP

OK to continue.

Creating folders.
I create an image of my site on my PC and then upload things when Im happy with the format and layout etc. This also makes updating in the future easy and gives you a backup should anything happen on the main site or on your own PC as you have 2 copies of the site.
So yes first of all create the site on yoyur PC and put the extra folders inside the main one for the site.
E.g. on my PC I have a folder called essexwebsite and then all the sub folders foir my site and my domain inside that one.

Once you have something ready to upload then you send it all up to the htdocs folder on your webspace.

PlusNet website builder.
I haven't delved too deeply into this but I suspect its a bit limited in what you can do with it and I would recomend getting some software specialy designed to do the job.
To see my PM just click on the link at the top of the page which will say "You have n number of messages" or "you have no new messages."

You may find the PM was a bit delayed and you will actually get a popup to show its arrived.
The reason for the delay was because I clicked on the wrong button and PM'd myself Shockedops:

As for the locking up Im not quite sure waht you mean with that. I assume its while you are on the website builder and it may be that the portal is timing out on you.
If you havent already done so then activate the autologin under Connection settings on the left and set it for a few months.
This may help with this aspect.

Building a Website - HELP

If you are intending to do something on the lines of John's site, I would definitely take his advice.
I used to use the Website Wizard and found that there is a file upload limit of 64KB, so decent photos like his would cause problems.
I tried to upload a map once using the Wizard, only about the top two-thirds showed up, and I ended up doing it as two separate files stuck together - OK as a solution for a one-off, but a right pain on a regular basis!