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Broadband phone number help!


Broadband phone number help!

Hello, can some help me i am so frustrated with navigating the plusnet help i hope someone can help. I have premier boradband and thinking about using it for all landline calls but how do you reeive calls and do you keep the current phone number?

If this doesn't work and the website keeps preventingme downgrading i'm going to sulk bigtime and cancel the direct debit so if someone can help with my questions ..



Broadband phone number help!

With Premier broadband you are given an allowance of 240 free Voice over IP (VoIP) (a.k.a 'Broadband Phone' or 'PlusTalk' in PlusNet terminology) minutes a month. Before you can use these 240 free VoIP minutes, you must activate your PlusTalk account.

The 240 free minutes only covers calls to BT landlines. i.e 01... and 02... numbers only. To dial anything else (mobiles etc) you must first add credit your PlusTalk account like you would have to do when using a PAYG mobile phone.

To activate your PlusTalk account, I believe that you must go to the PlusNet Member Center -> My Account -> Account Details where there should be an option to activate PlusTalk. I can't remember exactly what the option is called as I've already activated mine so the option is no longer there for me.

Once activated, PlusTalk should show up in Member Center -> My Account -> Account Details -> Account Summary as "Broadband Phone 240 £0(monthly) Active" on a separate line to your "PlusNet Broadband Premier Option..."

From that page, or more easily, from the "Phone Calls" tab at the top of most PlusNet web pages, you can access the PlusTalk control centre which will show you your itemised bill, call costs, etc via the "Broadband Phone" icon.

After clicking on "Broadband Phone" you're taken to the "My account" tab which shows you all sorts of information. The first thing you can do from this page is use the relevant link to downlode X-Lite which is a 'softphone'. This is a program which allows you to make and receive PlusTalk calls on your PC. There's also a link to setting up X-Lite for PlusTalk on the page.

Now if you manage to get X-Lite up and running and you make enough free PlusTalk calls to like this whole VoIP business then there are a few more things you can do from the "My account" tab. The next one answers your question about keeping your current (BT) telephone number. Yes - you keep it. PlusTalk is an entirely separate service.

There's a link on the "My account" tab to sign up for a local rate (0845) number. It does not replace your BT number - it is the number you can give to people if you'd like them to be able to call you on your PlusTalk account from a BT phone. When they dial this 0845 number, your BT phone won't ring - XLite will ring and you can answer the call on your PC.

Without signing up for the local rate number, people can still call you on your PlusTalk account - if they have their own VoIP account, use X-Lite themselves and if they dial your six digit SIP number (shown on the "My Account" tab).

But what if you don't want to have to have your PC on to receive calls from people dialling your SIP number or the 0845 local rate number? Well, you can buy an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) which will enable you to use PlusTalk from a normal telephone without having your PC switched on.

ATAs come in two distinct types. Both will plug into your router via a network cable and thence into a normal telephone via a short length of telephone cable.

The first type of ATA does just that and nothing more. It allows you to use an additional telephone to make and receive PlusTalk calls. Your BT calls will still have to be made and received via another phone.

The second type of ATA accepts an additional connection for your BT line and will allow you to make and receive BT calls and make and receive PlusTalk calls from the same normal telephone. It should allow you to define a simple set of rules to automatically govern which calls are dialled via BT and which are dialled via PlusTalk.

With either type of ATA, you've kept your BT number because your PlusTalk number/service is entirely different, but at least with the second type of ATA, everything is handled through a single telephone.

If you like the sound of ATAs then they can be purchased from places like . However, I would stress that using PlusTalk is not without its problems as a quick look in this forum will show you!

Finally, if you meant you wanted to cancel your contract with BT and get your landline telephone and broadband from PlusNet as part of one of their combined Home Phone and Broadband packages, then I'm afraid I can't help and you're in the wrong forum!

hope this helps,
Richard L

P.S. I've no idea about the downgrading issue!