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Broadband in Hull?


Broadband in Hull?


Not sure if this is the right section, but

I have a friend on a rival service (Karoo). He hates the service though. I asked him why doesnt he get a new ISP. His response was, Karoo are the only ISP in hull and they wont let any other ISP's in. (there is not BT phone lines either apparently)

Is this true?? Is that not against some law somewhere?

Broadband in Hull?

Karoo, or Kingston Communications run most of the telephone line sin Hull.

it works in the same way a Cable operator does, however, Kingston opted for a infrastucture similar to BT's.

Karoo don't have to open up Wholesale channels to other providers like BT.

I couldn't be sure, but I thought BT also operated in the Hull area?
Your friend would need to switch to BT as his telephony supplier though.

Broadband in Hull?


I was under the impression Hull was completely managed by Kingston comms. As far as I am aware and from what I have been told by a friend in Hull also, Kingston are the only provider you can and will ever get in hull as they originally bought all rights to the communications service in Hull.
Same goes for a lot of the land in Hull, which is now why there is Kingston park etc.

If I were you I would ask your friend to investigate this as much as possible, but I dont think your friend will have much luck at all, as kingston are a very greedy company (as are many out there).

Broadband in Hull?

I have a colleague in Hull, who can only get Karoo, but he's always been happy with it.
Not sure how you go about changing, but for most you would need at a min a BT line.
LLU might work, but I don't know much about it. Anyone else got an idea?