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Blank Emails


Blank Emails

I have a strange problem with emails from one specific person.

I'm on the Albion Rovers Supporters Trust committee and we exchange thoughts via email (8 people including me). When 1 member send emails (the same email with eac address in the "to" box) from mostly from his BlackBerry Wireless Handheld around a third of them are completely blank for me. The other people who get the email can read it ok!

I use Outlook Express and if it matters the emails are sent to my website address and forwarded to my Plus address.

I emphasise this problem only relates to this 1 person and I get dozens of emails every day from other people without this problem occurring!

Any ideas folks? Cry

Blank Emails

Is it possible that he can forward them direct to your PlusNet address as a test.

The fact you have a webhost forwarding them, adds a kink to the chain that needs testing.