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BitTorrent and spyware?


BitTorrent and spyware?

Anyone has any experience of this? Can't decide whether it's as bad as this article says, or simply part of a campaign to discredit BitTorrent (orchestrated by Micro$oft ?)

I don't use BitTorrent myself but if this is true, just be careful out there!



BitTorrent, the beloved file-sharing client and protocol that provides a way around bandwidth bottlenecks, has become the newest distribution vehicle for adware/spyware bundles.

Public peer-to-peer networks have always been associated with adware program distributions, but BitTorrent, the program created by Bram Cohen to offer a new approach to sharing digital files, has managed to avoid the stigma.

Not any more, anti-spyware advocates warn.

According to Chris Boyd, a renowned security researcher who runs the nonprofit resource center, the warm and fuzzy world of BitTorrent has been invaded by a massive software distribution campaign linked to New York-based adware purveyor Direct Revenue LLC.

"This is the marketing campaign to end all marketing campaigns," said Boyd, the Microsoft Security MVP (most valuable professional) known throughout the security industry by the "Paperghost" moniker.

BitTorrent and spyware?

I've not personally experience it, but I've heard about it happing and it seems to becoming increasingly more common these days.