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Being Attacked - NIS 2005 Alerts?


Being Attacked - NIS 2005 Alerts?

OK, I'm using Norton Internet Security 2005, which some of you will say is the first bad thing.

I've only very recently upgraded to it from NIS 2004, which I never had trouble with and was happy with. Since upgrading I keep on getting (some evenings every five or so seconds) these very annoying 'Program Control' windows.

According to the APNIC who is search this particular attack came China. The attempts originate from all over the world, although most frequently China, USA and the Netherlands. Sometimes it is other users within PlusNet, as others have been experiencing

From reading other posts, I thought that PlusNet were blocking such attacks from outside their network?

Can anyone please help me turn off the notification of these alerts in NIS, while ensuring they are automatically blocked? I'm running XP Pro, and unfortunately NIS lets the kids with their Limited user accounts just click OK to always permit access. Does this matter - am I being paranoid?

For info, I've never had any P2P or similar software installed. I'm going to buy Netgear's DG834GT ADSL Modem / Router in the next few days, so hopefully it will help.

Thanks in advance
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Being Attacked - NIS 2005 Alerts?

It may be an error in NIS if you've recently done updates.
It happened last year when I used NIS and a faulty update caused spurious attack alarms and system slowdown.
Norton denied it, but a google soon showed that the problem was widespread, and it went away quietly a couple of weeks later when they issued a revised update - but not until thousands of people had reloaded NIS and spent many hours looking for attacks that didn't exist.

Thereafter I didn't apply updates till they'd been out a couple of weeks (apart from virus definitions) to give them a chance to get it right.

I've since ditched NIS for ~AVG and Sygate, which are easier to use, much smaller and free.