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Beat Trojans for GOOD


Beat Trojans for GOOD

Hi All

For years I have battled against the crap that the Internet can throw at your machine so I have taken drastic measures.

For this you will need to be using XP/2000/2003 and be either a limited user or power user if on a domain environment.

Install all necessary active x plug-ins you require before going down this path.

Once you are happy that you have every piece of IE plug-ins available use the following at your own risk:

1) Start > Run > GPEDIT.MSC

Once your into the Group Policy admin area you have 2 sections:

Computer Configuration

User Configuration

2) Under Computer Configuration Click the Windows Settings - Tree

3) Click the Security Settings - Tree

4) Right Click on SOFTWARE RESTRICTIONS and press NEW

5)Once Your Policy is in place, right click on TRUSTED PUBLISHERS and go to properties

6) Once in properties click LOCAL ADMINISTRATORS and press APPLY

This will prevent anyone other administrators to install certain software and active x controls direct from Internet

7) Enter the Additional Rules Folder and right click and go to NEW INTERNET ZONE RULE

Cool Select INTERNET from drop down menu, leave as DISALLOWED and press APPLY

Close GPEDIT and start using the Internet with a greater level or protection.

*Please note as a Limited or Power User you will not be able to install software using the RUN command, so use the save option when downloading files from the Internet. This will help prevent unsigned and unwanted active x and other crap from getting into your PC*

PLEASE USE AT OWN RISK!!! GPEDIT is a very powerful tool and not to be taken lightly.
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Beat Trojans for GOOD

Can i just point out this will only work using XP Pro and not the home version


Sorry about that you are very right, can also be pushed via the GPO of your OU if using Active Directory.

Beat Trojans for GOOD

Thanks for the tip. Smiley