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BT still capping 8meg maxDSL lines at 2mbit..


BT still capping 8meg maxDSL lines at 2mbit..


ABRAHAM LINCOLN GOT IT NEARLY RIGHT WITH THE Gettysburg address. He just missed out the bit about the self-evident truth that whatever BT called itself, it would still be crap. While the GPO was halfway-decent, as soon as the telephony bit was spun off to become British Telecom, it all went pear-shaped.

Earlier today, my ADSL line was upgraded to ADSL Max by my ISP to 8Mbps from 2Mbps. The line was retrained and reports downstream 8128kbps, upstream 448kbps. Hooray, I thought until I realised I wasn't actually seeing a four times improvement in performance. Then I actually ran a test on the line. The results were interesting.

"Your link from us appears to be about 2.066963Mb/s For a fast ADSL internet link, look at"

full story here ::
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BT still capping 8meg maxDSL lines at 2mbit..

Funny, just did a line test with plusnet and getting under 2Mbps - so much for 8Mbps eh? Sad
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BT still capping 8meg maxDSL lines at 2mbit..

As the linked article explains (and seveal others in similar threads discussing this very topic!) this is a problem with BT not detecting the higher sync speed and releasing the speed limit.

What you can do is plug a normal phone into a phone socket without an ADSL filter, unplug your ADSL equipment from your phone socket, wait 20 minutes, reconnect it and make sure it syncs at a different rate then re-filter your normal phone, disconnect your ADSL line and reconnect.

This may then force BTs equipment to recognise the new sync speed and release the speed limit on the line.