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BT and how to destroy a company in one click of a mouse


BT and how to destroy a company in one click of a mouse

Compressed history of my dealings with BT business god i wish they had plusnet in the office(they soon might have if I get my way)

Day one - boss says please procure a new phone system

Day two - Office IP phone system procured fitting the bill exactly

Day three - Supplier(a BT Partner) told under no circumstances must the FAX line be changed to ISDN2 as this hosts the internet connection (ADSL)

Day Four - Phone system Installed everything cool

Day Five - BT Internet and Email fails on company network

Day SIx - It is dicovered that the ADSL account has been cancelled and the line changed to ISDN no notification has been recieved just an email sent according to BT but not recieved so the only chance of alarm bells ringing are gone no phone call to check (phone system supplier denies involvement)

Day seven - Multiple phone calls to many different departments and heads of department fails to re-instate company net connection BT inform us that sorry but it will take 10 to fifteen days to reconnect your line !!!!!! (only took them minuites to unplug a card from the exchange) We have to go through the whole thing again from line testing to installation (its been in and working for over 2 years) they also want to charge us for the privilage

Thats the short version. Please if any one knows someone in BT I can sue for loss of business wasted time etc etc or a faster way to get this reinstated before my MD sacks me !!!!!!!!

BT are a overgrowen dinosaur there are more departments than you can shake a stick at and none of them can solve a problem without calling on another. I have shortened this quite considerabaly but watch your back if your dealing with lots of lines in to your office and decide to go for ISDN etc make sure no one messes with your internet line they seem to think that changing thing without confirming them first works and then wonder why we get upset

Small business rely on BT only because in our case there is no other option

Plusnet if you can help get a adsl connection to me you are welcome to the business (business 500 fixed IP)
Thats if we have not lost all our customers in 15 days

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BT and how to destroy a company in one click of a mouse

Long ago when I used to deal with BT, the only way to solve problems was to escalate and escalate and escalate until eventually I was dealing with somebody that a) they were all frightened of , and b) could get things done.

They were often unwilling to tell me the name of the manager above (and my god there was level after level of manager, who all spent their time in meetings), and it usually took three or four levels of going up before I got through to someone vaguely senior.

Often I could only get the secretary of the vaguely senior person, but that seemed to be enough as these people who spend their time in meetings don't like to acknowledge that there are problems and their staff and secretaries will actually sort things out for a customer rather than reveal a problem to the boss.

As I recall, I used to give them a couple of hours to sort it before going up a level, but persistence always paid off.

Good luck.

BT and how to destroy a company in one click of a mouse

I guess you'd have to find out whether the supplier or BT were at fault, and then take them to court. I know that won't help you in the short time , but you can also claim for loss of business etc.

Can you not get a dial-up modem running to at least get the critical e-mails?

BT and how to destroy a company in one click of a mouse

yip have a temp dial running now but the volume of emails dosent help and also running exchange server 2003 over a dial up modem is not fun !!!!! specially when the sever dosent have a modem installed

Ah well new analouge line being installed on Thursday and then adsl service being sought from else where (Plusnet watchout here I come I hope I get a good referral discount) :-) 1meg business service would be nice and guess what its half the price of BT business 500