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BT Voyager 205 & Zyxel 2002L VOIP setup problems - help


BT Voyager 205 & Zyxel 2002L VOIP setup problems - help

Hi everyone, this is my first post to these forums...

I am going round and round in circles trying to get my two BT DECT phones to work in conjunction with the BT voyager 205 ADSL router and Zyxel VOIP router on my small office network together with X-lite (also configured using plusnet's guide).

I have setup all the settings for both routers as per plusnet's and's instructions to open up the necessary UDP ports to communicate between the two routers however the Zyxel will NOT register either SIP1 or SIP2 in the maintenance section of the config tool. It simply says 'failed each time'. And both DECT phones just give a busy signal when I try to dial out and they will not receive calls either. However, if I use a standard headset in the computer, this works fine with X-lite.

FYI - My BT router is on and Zyxel is .

If anyone can shed any light as to what I may have missed or what I can try I would be very grateful as this is getting really frustrating!!

Many thanks!

BT Voyager 205 & Zyxel 2002L VOIP setup problems - help

Did you ever get any reply on this? I have exactly the same problem with my Sipura SPA 2002 and USR9106 router. I have opened UDP on 5600 and 5601. I can make calls with Xlite but although I have a dial tone from the Sipura, all calls and met with the no such number beep, and registration always fails.

I have seen conflicting views on what goes in Username and what proxies to use etc, but I have tried all the combinations I have seen to no avail.

What to do next?