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BT Launches its IPTV Service - BTVision

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BT Launches its IPTV Service - BTVision

This was announced on the register, sounds promising! Unfortunatly the software for the Set-top box will be made by Microsoft.

BT has revealed the name of its new TV service, which is due to be launched later this year. It's to be called "BT Vision".

And the giant telco is really pushing hard to plug the service.

"If you thought BT was just about telephones and broadband then think again," says the blurb on the telco's website dedicated to BT Vision.

"Later this year we're launching a brand new digital TV service in the UK that's set to inject a bit of vision into your TV. Our next generation TV service will be a doddle to use. It's rammed full of entertainment and, best of all, there's no compulsory subscription, so you only pay for what you want to watch."

Available only to BT Broadband punters, the service gives viewers access to on-demand films, music, and TV shows by combining access to digital-terrestrial channels through the aerial with VoD provided by broadband.

The set-top box is manufactured by Philips with Microsoft providing the software. Trials are due to begin shortly. ®


BT has launched a site for it as well: