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BT Broadband Basic - I'm left speechless!


BT Broadband Basic - I'm left speechless!

Here's a short story which should make you feel good that you've chosen PlusNet Smiley

Some friends recently signed up for BT Broadband Basic ... the USB Voyager modem all installed OK and they were ready to surf at 512KB/sec. Now set up the new email address ...

Tucked away at the back of the Welcome booklet there's a page which (I'm paraphrasing here) says that because BT Broadband Basic is a no frills broadband package there's no email address(es) included ... Shocked

Free pop email collection is readily available but many free email providers don't seem to allow you to send smtp email unless you're "part" of their network. I understand the reasons for doing this but can't help feeling that a no-frills broadband package without a single email address included is a bit like a RyanAir plane without the seats!!

My friends solved their problem by signing up for a BTYahoo premium email account at a modest cost of £1.50 a month.

It certainly made me feel glad that I had chosen PlusNet Smiley

BT Broadband Basic - I'm left speechless!

BT do note that it is only a No Frill service on there site, including only a connection to the internet.

There website front page states in Step 2 explains the exact specifics.

On the whole of it, comparing that package to Ryanair with no seats is faulse. BT Broadband Basic is comparable to just Ryanair.

The feature you get with PlusNet are comparable to British Airways.
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BT Broadband Basic - I'm left speechless!

PlusNet offer a package under the Services section specifically for BT Broadband customers giving them webspace and email so you could always point your friends to that.


BT Broadband Basic - I'm left speechless!

Thanks for the suggestion Chris but if you're referring to the "communications package" described under Services then I think this is a little OTT for their rather modest requirements ... the price of £2.50 per month is also a pound dearer than BTYahoo mail!

Like acarr I too have looked at the BT website and found that the omission of an email account is detailed in the product particulars. You could argue that with an always-on connection to the internet you have the option to use any of the free webmail providers but for me email is only properly delivered through one of the clients such as Eudora or LookOut. So IMHO the omission of even one email address with this product is taking out one frill too many ... :!:

PlusNet - the world's favourite ISP ... eh?