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Avoiding people on IRC


Avoiding people on IRC

I have been very pleased with the Plusnet ADSL service (i was with AOL before I got ADSL so I cannot comment on their dial-up). It's just a shame mum wants to change ISPs to avoid someone she doesn't like on IRC (although the server masks the 'gillard' part of '' she is the only person on that server with Plusnet Sad
Still trying to persuade her against it Wink

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Avoiding people on IRC

You could get PlusNet to change your reverse DNS to either nothing or a domain name that you might have hosted on your account.


Avoiding people on IRC

by "nothing" would IRC then display my IP (minus last 3 digits)? it sounds like an interesting prospect though.... Smiley

Avoiding people on IRC

That will depend on the network you are connecting too.

If the network employs masking then it should ahve masked your address anyhow.

Otherwise, it will display the hostname in full if the address reverse and a forward resolves to one set of addresses.

There is not way away from this with a static address.

Ypu could pruchase a bnc (IRC bouncer) account on the internet to furtheer mask your address, however some can be complex to manage and are not that simply to use either.

The only way around this would be a move away from PlusNet, which may not even solve the issue your mum is having.
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Avoiding people on IRC

by "nothing" would IRC then display my IP (minus last 3 digits)? it sounds like an interesting prospect though

Hi there,

You can set your rDNS on your IP address to:

  • (where is hosted on your account)

From what you have said above, the only way to fully mask yourself on IRC without setting up an IRC bouncer would be to host a domain on your account and set up the rDNS to for example. You could then set the forward DNS on the host to anything you want (I can think of plenty of websites that I wouldn't want to look at Wink)

The only problem I can think of here is that the domain will have some details on it (but you can always register a cheap dummy .uk domain for the purpose).

Avoiding people on IRC

Well the IRC server she uses will mask the first section of a domain name OR the last 3 digits of the IP address, depending on what it manages to resolve. It works fine as a general security feature because people can't try to hack us when all they can see is but this person can easily identify us from that.
The domain name idea would work provided he didn't discover who it is.
I will talk with her about it and see what we decide Smiley

Avoiding people on IRC

If the person is able to track you even after masking, then there are deeper issue at hand.

If the masking is the same each time you connect, then the masking is pretty usless. If it is different, then the person in question easily be able to obtain the required information from the IRC server.

This means they must have some power at least, in order to do this.

In which case, no amount of masking on IP addresses is going to cure this, unless you can have the power removed from this person in question.

Due to the nature of IRC, the primary rule is "IRC is a privilage, not a right". This means you can't expect miracles, and if you can't do any other thing to stop him harrasing you, then you would simply have to leave.

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Avoiding people on IRC

Could PlusNet make use of its other brand names in this circumstance?

So, as well as having the options of <username> and <IP address>, why not also <IP address> or <IP address>, both of which which hide the username and the PlusNet association?
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Avoiding people on IRC

hmm use the rdns option and also as you believe an attack is probable a change of IP.

But also talk to the admins for that irc server, most will help.

But also:

1. check if the IRC server has a nickserv which has the option to hide your IP, usually its so you can pick any username.

2. set a personal mode of +i which is invisable then someone has to know the exact nickname to find you
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Avoiding people on IRC

I use IRC quite alot and you can resolve host marks ie its to its IP address on most networks.
A quick DNS lookup and you have the IP.
I sudgest your mum gets a firewall like zonealarm or get a BNC which is just a proxy server that connects to IRC then you connect to it.

Avoiding people on IRC

ok, thanks all Smiley will see what happens
(sorry for going offtopic too Shockedops: )