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Authentication problems

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Registered: 20-08-2007

Authentication problems

Sad I cannot send email with smtp using Thunderbird or Incredimail, I keep getting a failure with code 535, this has only come about in the last few days and is driving me up the wall, has anybody had this problem or can anybody help me to fix it

Authentication problems

Hi there,

I am assuming that you are connecting to PN's mail server.

Error 535 is generally an authentication error.

Ensure that you are using the correct username and password combination for your mail account and that smtp authentication is not enabled in your mail client.

If using any Symantec / Norton security products, it may be worth trying temporarily with these disabled as a recent spate of updates for these products has caused much troublr for end users.

Also ensure that your mail client has the necessary permissions if running a software firewall.

Hope that helps.